jueves, 18 de enero de 2018




Past simple and past continuous: Grammar explanation

Hi everybody!

For next weekend you have to practice and learn  a new tense: past continuous.

So, first go this site to find out about its form and when and why we use it. You also will discover the difference between simple past and past continuous.Watch it as many times as you need, so that you have no doubts.

Next, practice the difference beetween them watching a new video. I hope you like it!

Finally, do the exercises on this web and send me the screenshots, OK?

Happy weekend!

martes, 16 de enero de 2018

lunes, 15 de enero de 2018


After studying and drawing different compositions with lines and triangles, it's quadrilaterals turn. Besides, we go on illustrating the English alphabet: C and D letters. Good job!

Sara Bermejo

Sara Sánchez

Adriana Pérez

Pablo García

Mariano López

Santi Sánchez

María Gómez

Ascen Martínez

Telmo Grau

Paula garcía

Álvaro Corbalán

Sara Sáinz

Lucía Murcia

Telmo Grau

Adriana Pérez

Pablo García

Alejandro Pérez

Ana Giménez

Ascen Martínez

                                                                      Noelia Laínes

Sara Bermejo

Lucía Murcia

Sofía Calderín

Iryna Vasilchuk

Ana Giménez

Saad Bouchaenaoui

Hoja de repaso de fracciones

Buenos días,
Aquí tenéis una hoja de ejercicios de fracciones:

repaso de fracciones

martes, 19 de diciembre de 2017


2nd ESO A and B students, Encarna Cara and I had the great chance to have a guided visit to the wonderful exhibition dedicated to the light and colour painter: JOAQUÍN SOROLLA (1863-1923), at the MUBAM (Fine Arts Museum of Murcia). 
We enjoyed a lot thanks to our nice guides: Sonia and Lola. They made the experience even more interesting.